Common Causes of Premature Battery Failures
Causes Due To Correction
Loss of electrolyte Overheating or overcharging Engine maintenance and alternator output correction
Deep discharges Leaving the lights on Immediate recharging
Misapplication/use of under rated battery False economy; inappropriate brand Replacement of battery
Undercharging Loose alternator belt; spent carbon brush Belt tightness adjustment; repair/ replacement of alternator.
Excessive vibration Loose hold-down clamp Clamping adjustment
Acid contamination Use of tap water Replacement of battery
Corrosion High overcharge Use of batteries with expanded plates

Factors Affecting Rate of Discharge
•    Reduce parasitic (key off) load to 120mA or less
•    Parasitic load is the cumulative load produced by electrical devices (clocks, computers, alarms) that continue to operate even after the
     engine has stopped.
   - Loads in excess of 120 mA indicate the presence of extraneous loads that discharge the battery prematurely.
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