Battery Care and Maintenance
1. Always check water level of solution.

2. Always topped-up battery with distilled demineralized water. Do not use other liquid as this contaminate the battery solution.

    NOTE: Be sure not to over fill above required level.

* Adding anything other than pure distilled water to the electrolyte will introduce impurities that will cause adverse
  chemical reactions and interfere with the normal functioning of the battery.

3. Battery solution is made up of sulfuric acid.

4. Always use the right tools. Terminal will be damaged

5. Do not force cable connection. Battery cover might crack or terminal will be damaged.

6. Use proper tools & testers when checking a battery.

    CAUTION: Battery can explode when short circuited.

* Batteries can supply thousands of amps if short circuited, melting the wrench, the terminals, and showering
   sparks and molten metal. This is not a good thing, and may be harmful to people and other living things.

7. Buy a 12V adaptor. Do not connect 12 volts accessories to single battery in a 24 volt system. This will result to reduced battery life.

8. Installing a battery. (Always connect the positive terminal first. Removing a battery. (Disconnect the negative terminal first.)

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