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Hybrid Style Wiper Blades
The latest style of wiper blade, known as the Hybrid, combines the aerodynamic properties of the flat style wiper blade with the reliable performance of the conventional style wiper.
This new style of blade is fitted as Original Equipment onto a growing number of new cars such as the Vauxhall Insignia, Mazda 6 & Honda Jazz among others and are now available from Trico in a retrofit that can be fitted onto cars with hook shaped wiper arms. Hybrid Style wipers available in both retrofit and come with multi-fit adapters to suit cars with flat style wiper blades fitted from new.
The sleek new Hybrid design includes an integrated ‘Linked’ spoiler that runs the whole length of the blade. This linked spoiler reduces wind lift to ensure a constant down force to keep the rubber blade against the windscreen, producing a chatter free, smooth wiping action which prolongs the life of the blade.

Titanium Series Silicone Wiper Blade

Wiper Blades features:
  1. YOKOMASU TS Silicone Wiper Blade are resistant to both hot and cold weathers situations.
  2. Longer life span and more durable compared to other naturals and normal silicone wiper.
  3. YOKOMASU TS Silicone Wiper Blade: After wiping, it will be coated with a layer of anti-water film. When the rain met the film, it become smaller rain drop and creates clearer view and enhances the safety to the driver.
  4. YOKOMASU TS Silicone Wiper Blade reduce noise greatly, compared to the naturals and normal silicone wiper.
  5. This products are guaranteed by YOKOMASU, not only in price and also its excellent quality.



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